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bmw series 5 review

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When bmw revealed the wagon version of itslatest 5 series sedan recently, there was doubt as to whether the big new german load-luggerwould actually be sold in australia. after all, sales of large luxury wagons haveall but ground to a halt as our thirst for chunkier suvs continues to boom, and overat mercedes-benz the latest e-class estate has been ditched in favour of a new all-terrain crossover version.

bmw series 5 review
bmw series 5 review, bmw australia is having none of that thoughand has confirmed it will sell the new 5 series touring alongside its top-selling x5. due on sale down under by the end of 2017,the new 5 series wagon is bigger and more powerful than before, yet up to 100kg lighterand more efficient with the four-cylinder
diesel version sipping just 4.5 litres offuel per 100km. this is partly because its longer five-seatbody, which can now swallow up to 1700 litres of cargo, has an aerodynamic drag coefficientof just 0.27. new features include a bigger two-piece panoramicglass sunroof, a motion-controlled tailgate with separate glass hatch and all of the new5 series sedan's technical upgrades.