2017 Toyota Highlander First Drive Review and Road Test


toyota updated its stable family suvthe highlander with a pair of good to grill bumpers here that we call thegirls from toyota is lexus luxury brand that's not the only thing that's changed we will start talking about that grillthough now these upper and lower units

2017 Toyota Highlander First Drive Review and Road Test

2017 Toyota Highlander First Drive Review and Road Test, in the grill as well as the headlightsthemselves have unique finishes based on trim level the old highlanders sort ofhad this trapezoidal shape already going here but it had a larger bumper that'sat a little lower to break it up toyota kind of made the bumper littlethinner and moved it up a little bit

here the whole effect of it looks a lot likelexus spindle girls i don't know a little bit too severe formy tastes but i do like what toyota has done with these fog lights here kind ofmove them into more vertical insert a little bit more interesting visuallythere now not a whole lot has changed about either rear styling or interiorstyling but the highlander still mixes a lot of good contemporary design insidewith pretty good cabin materials overall now one thing we like in terms ofutilities been this broad kind of dashboard shelf and you're going to beable to throw even more smartphones and

other things up here thanks to morecharging ports there is now five charging ports including three up fronthere versus one usb port in last year's highlander now seating for eight isavailable across all trim levels with the second-row bench it used to be thatin higher trim levels you had to sacrifice one seat and go down to sevenbecause of second row captains chairs and updated engine runs through a neweight-speed automatic transmission on v6 models probably more important tofamilies so safety features forward collision warning with automaticemergency braking is going to be optional on every trim level now it usedto only be available on the very top

trim levels for the highlander we don't no pricing yet but we shouldfind out that closer to the new highlanders on sale date this fall