2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Review


well i guess you've already worked out wherei am again. i'm at creative conversions. and the reason why i'm here is because abouta week ago, i dropped off a brand new 79 dual cab landcruiser, and it's now sitting on thehoist over there. and i'm going to go and have a chat to lenfrom creative conversions.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Review

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Review, and he's going to tell us what little schemehe's come up with for the new 79. let's go and check it out. how we going, mate? how are ya?

how you going? good, good. that's the go. how's it all going? so about a week ago i dropped it off. how far advanced are we? mate, we're just about to cut the chassisin half and get ready for the stretch section we're going to put in there. we'll get those wheels back sitting in theright spot to take those loads that you're

going to be dealing with when you go away. all right, well let's get a closer look atit, aye? as you can see, we've got a few cuts goingon here. we've got a drive shaft ready to come out. that's out now. obviously you've got to take the drive shaftout. why are we taking the drive shaft out? well, we're going to be extending it, so weneed to get that out. get it lengthened, rebalanced, and ready togo back in.

because it's going to be longer, isn't it? it's got to be longer. 300mm. so we've got to get that all sent off, getit all done, ready to go. so we're putting 300 in the chassis. 300. move those wheels apart 300mm. or that back wheel under the tray further. okay, so we've done that with simon's truckin the past.

we did. and from what i heart from simon, it was absolutelyawesome. it completely changes the dynamics of histruck. yeah, it does. it does change the truck a lot. everyone that we've done one for has beenvery happy with it all, so it does change the whole dynamics of the truck. all right, there you go, so 300 is going inthe chassis. obviously if you extend it, you've gotta puta drive shaft in there.

so let's get a closer look for the final stagesof basically taking a 79 and chopping it. you literally chop it in half and pull itapart. it's a scary thought when this truck has zerokilometres and is brand spanking new. all right, mate. let's have a crack at her. this is it. this is the part where you pull it apart. well there we go. pulled her apart.

brand new 79 landcruiser, basically chopped,pulled apart. all the other things have obviously come apartas well. he's taken fuel lines. he's taken the wiring. all that stuff's already pre-done. he's done that last night. and then now, all it is now is a matter ofgetting 300 mm of chassis, which they make up, and whacking it in the middle. all right, so it's been about 3 or 4 hoursnow, and len gave me a call and said, 'it's

done.' so let's check it out. so she's all done. yep, all back together. 300 mm in the chassis. just got drive shaft, handbrake cable to go,a bit of wiring, and she's ready to go the next stage. so basically you put the 300 in so how doyou do the driveshaft? we take it out. 300mm extension in the shaft.

a whole new tube is put in. rebalance, aligned, back in again. so bolt straight in. we don't need to put a centre bearing in thisone. so pretty straight up. so realistically, you could say that thisis stronger than standard. absolutely. definitely. it's definitely stronger than standard, mate.

all right, no dramas. well, there you go, guys. she's pretty much done. and that's exactly what it is, like len said,you put 300 in the chassis. and then you've got to do things like driveshaft, wiring, fuel lines, handbrake cable, and that's it. i reckon, and len reckons, it's stronger thanstandard. simon's had his truck done, and he's punishedthe crap out of it. it makes for a whole new truck.

it balances it out heaps better. it's not so tippy and wants to wheel standin the front. so the 300 in the chassis makes for a bettertruck. now we've got a few more things to do, we'vegot to start putting tyres, rims, long-range tank. we've got to put frontal protection, roofracks, suspension, all those things are still to come. so stick around and we'll see how this buildgoes.