2017 Toyota RAV4 review

we are with the toyota c-hr in madrid. the c-hr has, as of today, been offered to the market in our country. but don’t ask why do i do the test in madrid instead of turkey because the official test of this car is performed with the participation of the world press corp. in here and i as the luckiest one are in the introduction in the first day.

2017 Toyota RAV4 review
2017 Toyota RAV4 review, the c-hr is a model that has a big importance for our country because up to now no hybrid model has been manufactured in turkey. the c-hr in this way is to be the first. furthermore it is also a first for the toyota because while toyota factory has manufactured corolla, auris and verso passenger car models up to now it started to manufacture c-hr as suv and exported to europe and america.
i do not want to talk to much and start to analyze the c-hr. come on... as usual let us start to talk about the c-hr from its design. when we look at the front we see keen look of the toyota has been integrated. the headlamps have a very different and very dynamic design. they look keen and there is a led technology daylights in them. furthermore as the car standing next to me is hybrid the toyota logo is blue. when we look at its bumper the angular form definitely gives the c-hr a sportive outlook. when we look from the side, we see projecting fenders further the hybrid inscription shows itself here.
on the test car 18 inch diamond cut wheel rims has been used. the different design wheel rims will be used in our country as well and it is pleasing to the eye. the c-hr concept has always been a coupe form and it definitely keeps its form. its roof is quite low and due to the hidden door nobs in the c column this form has been kept. frankly speaking i have not seen this type of door nob before. in other words many models use this type of door handles but they were not ergonomic. but the door handles used in the c-hr is easy to use and very functional. the roof of the car is definitely lower then its rivals. when we look at the dimensions of the car it looks a bit smaller than its rivals at c class.
alright what kind of living space is offered in the interior? come on; let’s look at there all together. as i have said outside that it looks small but i can say that the knee room here is really very good. i am 178 cm tall and the driving seat has been adjusted to my ideal driving position. the roof looks low from outside but the headroom is quite sufficient for an adult. my only criticize here is due to the shoulder line being high the windows are narrow and people siting at the rear feels dark and jammed. apart from that there is no problem for the adults to sit on right or left. for the person siting in middle there is a small transmission hump but you still can fit your feet here. in other words you may not be comfortable but still you can sit here. something caught my attention here, there are very good cup-holders for rear seats.
i guess they are very functional. and now let us look at the rear of the car. the rear of the c-hr just as its front and side has a futuristic design. in previous paris auto show video many of you liken its rear to the civic hatchback. to tell the truth due to this boomerang form tail lights it resembles a bit. as a matter of fact to me it also resembles a bit the juke. to what it resembles is up to you but there is a spoiler here that has been used as standard. the bumper is projecting a bit to the rear and ensures the car to look masculine and powerful than its rivals in its class. alright what does the boot of the c-hr offers. lets look at there. this car offers 377 liters if it has a repair kit. if there is an 18 inch spare tire then it retreats to 297 liters.
at this moment the loading capacity is 377 liters and it looks that you can put your articles here easily. what caught my attention here that the loading bay is a bit high? namely to put your big articles here you have to bend but it is nothing that cannot be put up with. if you say that it is enough about the design of the c-hr, i agree with you. now it is time to get behind the steering wheel. finally i am behind the steering wheel of c-hr. before mentioning the driving feature of c-hr i again have a favor to ask from you. what do you think of the design of c-hr? i will be very happy if you share it with me by clicking here. to tell the truth i found the design of this car very modern, sportive and futuristic. that is to say, i think the young drivers will definitely like it but i do not know what the middle age drivers that search classics will think about it. therefore apart from the survey i would be very happy if you give your views under the video as comments.
the interior of the c-hr is not as futuristic as its exterior but still has modern design lines. when you enter the car a driver oriented cockpit encounters you. in other words all the controls, the touch screen multimedia and a/c buttons are towards you. i can say that it almost wraps you. in this car a blue color coating has been used on the entire console. to tell the truth when i look at the photographs of the c-hr before i thought the blue coloring was lighting. i found out it is not so when i enter the car. this is a feature that comes with the dynamic packages. namely in this more sportive version this covering is used. but if you buy the diamond version, that is to say the more elegant, more classic version then dark brown color is used. further the seats upholstery is also brown. namely i think the people who like classic color would be happier with that version.
even though the blue looks nice at the beginning i think i will be fed up after a time. the quality of the material used is quite good. the top is covered with soft leather like material. underneath there are blue and shiny black coverings. but still under those, soft plastic is used that shows the c-hr is high quality. in lower parts there are some hard plastic materials but you don’t mingle with these places. in the door panels diamond effect has been used. furthermore the same effect has been used in the roof and on many other places. the reason for this is that the c-hr has made use of this diamond effect from the beginning. in other words when i look from the outside i do not see what the designers claim. there may be something wrong with my eyes since i see an angular form but it does not evoke diamond form to me. there are analog displays and they are very eligible.
of course as this car is hybrid there is no tachometer but on the left there is a part that shows the workings of hybrid systems. in the center there is a colored tft trip computer screen. all these can be followed and used easily. a new three spoke driving wheel used in this car. it fits to hands very well. from the buttons on top of the steering wheel you are able to control the music system, trip computer, telephone and lane follow assistant. in the matter of small items cubicles the c-hr is a bit miser. there is a small area under the console and there are cup-holders in front and behind the gear level. these are not wide spaces but you can put your items there. what i liked here is the armrest because the area inside it is quite large. in the car that i have been driving, there are leather seats with their grand construction it hugs you. the interior is very sympathetic, everything is under hand and easy to use but there is disadvantages since it feels small.
even though it is in compact suv class you feel as if it is narrower than qashqai and tiguan. let us consider the engine and driving features of the c-hr. the c-hr will be offered with only two different engine alternative in our country. one of them will be four cylinders 1.2 liters turbo charge petrol engine, which develops 116 hp and 185 nm of torque. if you wish, you will be able to purchase this engine with manual gearbox or with continuous variable ratio automatic gearbox. although that engine is a front drive one you have an opportunity to buy the automatic gearbox version with four-wheel drive. to tell the truth i am very curious about that engine but i did not have an opportunity to drive it in madrid. the car i am driviving at the moment is a hybrid version, which has 1.8 liter petrol engine and electric motor. this 1.8 liters petrol engine in normal circumstances develops 98 hp and 142 nm of torque. apart from that the electric motor has 53 kw power and 163 nm of torque value.
the toyota does not appraises these two engines power separately and indicate the power of the system as 122 hp. first of all let me mention the subject of performance. if you have performance expectations, i should point out from the beginning that you will not be happy with these engine. because even though the power of the system has been indicated as 122 hp, when the car advances in normal circumstances on straight road it uses only the petrol engine with 100 hp. that is to say the construction of the engine is not flexible. for example at this moment i am moving with petrol engine only. but when you want performance and step on it the petrol engine and electric motor kicks in and the entire 122 hp tries accelerating you. as you see the car accelerates. but at this moment since this car has a electronically controlled continuous variable ratio gearbox called e-cvt there are no gear changes. that is to say when you want to accelerate you have to do this as if the rpm stack at high and move noisily. in other words the engines does not make you feel very responsive. you are able to accelerate but since the value of the torque is not great it does not fasten you to your seat. look i am stepping on again. we are going at 80 km/h at the moment. two engines are on. we are now at 110 km/h.
120 km/h. 130 km/h. 140 km/h. in other words if you are patient you can accelerate. but i have to point out that you don’t have the flexibility of a turbo charge petrol engine. but ultimately we have to except that the aim of this engine is not to offer performance but to be frugal and environmentalist. let me tell you what it gives you in this manner. i have been driving this car for 150 km and the trip computer at the moment indicates to me 5.8 liter fuel consumption averages. ultimately if you think that this is a petrol engine with electric motor support this value to my mind is very good. namely it almost offers you a fuel consumption of a diesel engine.
the factory data normally claims that it uses 3.8 liter in 100 km. i have to tell you that to reach those values you have to spend lots of time in the city. that is to say this may come as a contradiction to you but to achieve the factory values you have to spend much more time in the city where it uses the electric motor and stops petrol engine. 5.8 liters i have got is normal because i have been driving on open roads without traffic. if i had stayed in the city more the value would have been 5-5.5 liters. for example when you are in the city the engine is stop and is quiet. when you want to move the first advance come from the electric motor, the batteries feed the electric motor and you move. as the time past in the city increase the fuel consumption values decreases. at the moment my trip computer indicate 5.6 liters, and if you spend more time here the fuel consumption will decrease. if we have to come to the finality of the engine it manages in subject of performance but in the matter of economics it has a construction that makes a strong impression. to drive a hybrid car is like a playing game because you see the power flow from the monitor in front of you which appeals to your playing instincts.
for example when i take my foot from the throttle the kinetic energy gained from the wheels charge the batteries and it indicates ev, which means electric vehicle that you are moving in electric mode. when i press the throttle a bit, the power transfers to the wheels while it moves in the electric mode. when you want performance and step on the throttle the petrol engine as well as the electric motor enters the performance. when you are driving calmly the c-hr ‘s engines has a quite construction and naturally it moves in low rpm. what i don’t like in this cvt gearbox is that it feels as if the clutch slips. later on you pull your foot up, the rpm decreases, and when you touch again and the engine noise increases as well as rpm. i don’t like this type of thing but ultimately this is the way of car and you got use to it as you drive. the toyota engineers have worked to make the c-hr to be a compact hatchback. they told us this in the press conference. i frankly speaking during my drive had an opportunity to test this. really, the steering wheel response as well as its ability to hold the road was very good.
in this naturally to have a double wishbone suspension system being used has added pluses to traction as well as comfort to the c-hr. i have tested and found out that the c-hr holds the road on the bends very well. it never leaves its line and the esp does not enter. i can drive with 70-80 km/h very easily. and it is time to get out. come on let’s get out. the thing i am going to say about the suspension is that on the beautiful spanish asphalt i felt very comfortable. to be able to say anything, i have to naturally test as the other cars in the ä°stanbul roads. in general terms the suspensions are a bit firm but i did not feel uncomfortable here.
i can tell you that one of the things that did not make me happy were the insulation as i have said earlier the high rpm noise of the engine penetrates the interior. apart from that when you reach 100-120 km/h speeds you hear wind noise. for example at low rpm as now the cockpit are silent but when the engine rpm raises you hear the engine noise. finally let us consider the price of the c-hr. although the car has started to be sold in our country and its price is in the toyota web site i will anyway tell you the starting prices and if you are wondering about the details you can click the instructions part in our link and reach the prices. 1.2 liter turbo charged engine is sold for 83 thousand 850 tl starting prices. the hybrid version of the car i have been driving has 1.8 liters petrol engine and electric motor starts from 98 thousand tl. the c-hr at the moment has entered the marked with very competitive prices.
ultimately the c-hr has a hybrid motor that no other rival has. this is very important plus. even though the performance is not very high the frugality closes that gap and it does not have more minuses than the diesel. its prices are very competitive and are manufactured in our country. its design is very attention grabbing. in other words when you put oldies parameters together the c-hr succeeds to become an assertive model in his class. ultimately this class is one of the most popular classes of our time and people are very interested at the cars in this class. i think the c-hr is one of the models that would be preferred in our country. what do you think? what i am going to tell you about c-hr from madrid is at an end. i hope there is nothing missing and i have not skip anything. if there is anything you think is missing or anything you are curious about please do not hesitate to write it under the video as comment.
i will try to answer all as much as i can. see you...